How I Work…

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 How I Work…

Through in-person guidance, support, and feedback, as well as custom-tailored behind-the-scenes designing sessions.

The type of project is quite open. Traditionally it’s a new brand or re-brand, but I consult for all sorts of artistic projects.

So if you have the inclination that I may be able to help you, just send me an inquiry below and I’ll tell you if I can be of service. Feel free to sub out the word “brand” for “project” below.

Together we will…

• Examine your unique creative gifts and priorities.

• Clear any limiting beliefs that may be in the way.

• Define the vision for your created entity.

• Strategize the means to bring your brand to fruition.

We sit together in sessions that range in scale, tailored to the depth and scope that you are prepared for.

Any situation can be accommodated, so long as honesty and sincerity are in the terms of our agreement to work together.

This includes an offering for our time together as well as any surplus energy that I dedicate to the vision for your project, which we define together and I interpret forward.

Following a consultation together, over video/call or in-person, I take the information to my studio and do work as defined in our joint session.