Brand Representation

How can I help you in portraying the value of your brand and its offerings?

I specialize in leading design projects for new brands, as well as rebranding campaigns for existing companies.


By Retainer:
Work with me in an ongoing basis. Minimum 45-minute meeting and half-day of dedicated design time weekly. | starting at $499/wk

By Project:
Each design piece is itemized according to its specifications and the creative energy it takes to complete. | Starting at $499

Logo Design:
My specialty. A unique and handmade logo designed according to what we agree that you want to convey. | starting at $1499

Logo + Brand Style Guide:
Your logo plus a manual of items such as brand typography and color palette to get you moving. | starting $2499

– Half payment required prior to starting. Second half due in order to receive final art files.


Feel free to email me and give me the details of your design project.

If you’re a first time client with me, I’d be glad to offer a free consult so we can see whether we would like to collaborate together.