1) What do I need to get started?

All you need to get started in the branding process is a mission statement, i.e. having a clear idea and dedication on what we’re setting out to do.

2) How do I contact you to have a conversation?

Schedule a Direction session on our calendar.

3) How much will it cost?

Direction sessions are $80 per (plus processing fee).

4) But how much will it cost to brand my business, build my logo, create my style sheet, design my website, etc.?

It’s indeterminable at this stage, but I can tell you what it costs to get started: $80 for a Direction session. From there, we’ll take it one step at a time, session by session, with the option of requesting Design time in-between, starting at $120 per increment of Design work. It often looks like this: Direction > Design > Direction > Design > etc., roughly $200–$320 per week, Direction and Design included.

5) Why is it that you work this way?

There are several reasons.

One, so you stay involved in the branding process. We get to check-in between increments of design, so you are able to see the rationale that goes into it, give essential input and feedback into choices, and are able to have regular bouts of expert reflection on what would serve you and your brand best.

Two, it keeps it comfortable & enjoyable. This is a highly-creative – and believe it or not, reductive – process. By making steps together, rather than leaps in conceptual thinking (as well as budget), we get to enjoy ourselves and shape this thing in real time.

Three, it creates the most harmonious and solid brand components. By formulating the project as a relationship rather than a commission, we get to take the necessary time to nurture what we are creating, and make informed, guided, clear decisions that will play out wonderfully for what we are birthing or enlivening.

6) Could I just get your opinion/advice on something that’s already been created my brand?

Definitely. Direction sessions are great for this purpose. Even if you choose to work with another designer for whatever reason, I am very effective in reviewing the work of others and directing on what could be done to improve upon its beauty and performance.

During the session I could give you a succinct list with clear terminology that you could hand off to whomever it is you are working with, or even implement yourself if you have such technical skill and interest.

7) How is it that you do what you do?

Lots of experience as well as innate passion and gifts for this work has granted a level of certainty with this process of navigating brands and thus individuals to achieving their potential.

Practically, I listen to your words and review each aspect of information. Also importantly, I observe more subtle things, like what lights you up, and how your intuition is engaged when you present various aspects. I note what stands out, I reflect it back, and it builds into a fantastic sense of the brand in its potential.

If Design is involved, I take those things to my studio, and I create something for you, condensing down a wonderful array of characteristics and intentions into aesthetic harmony and visual organization.

Distilling complexity into optimal representative form is the name of my game, and I’m quite glad to serve in that.