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Ryan Lewis
Branding Wizard


My name is Ryan Lewis. I live for the creative process, and to bring things to life.

Ever since I was a kid, all I wanted to do was draw, imagine, and build. I found early love in playing with characters and worlds, and I was thrilled to create or enhance things that I found to be beautiful and extraordinary.

This inclination towards visual/fantasy has remained to be the most constant force in my life. Today, these gifts and passions are expressed through my work in brand direction and design.

I process complex things down to their most essential aspects, and create a simple aesthetic presentation that embodies it authentically.

I know what makes things pleasing, and how to make them even more attractive, as well as rich with meaning and intention. This is what makes my particular service truly unique and special.

I focus in on the beauty and value in a brand, and through design, I make it accessible to others in a way where they get to emotionally connect and form a distinct, beneficial relationship with it.

This happens very naturally, because that potential is already in your brand. It just needs to shine through.

If we’re fit for a collaboration, you can probably feel it by now.
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