About me

My name is Ryan Lewis. I am a visionary, and a creative being. Always have been, always will.

Ever since I was a kid – before I came under-the-influence of the world to try all sorts of other things – all I wanted to do was draw, and imagine, and build characters and world, and lose myself in other entities that I found or created to be beautiful and fun.

This inclination towards the visually-fantastic has remained to be the most constant force in my life. Today, these gifts and passions define the profession I’ve chosen for myself, as an art director & designer of brands.

I love creativity, both natural and man-made. I have a keen eye for how things are beautiful, and hand for how they can perhaps be even more attractive.

Being a designer means I make things which are rich with meaning and intention, usually in a way that’s aesthetic, and quite pleasing.

I love the big picture stuff. I love being clever in the way I see and design things, and perhaps most importantly, in how I let others in on seeing, thinking, and feeling what is beautiful and meaningful.

This is what makes my services unique and special. Not only do I not mind sharing my skills and values with others… I live for it.

When someone sees work that I contributed on, and they just get it… that’s the stuff right there. That’s what turns me on.

And I don’t mean they just understand it like, “oh, I see what you did there” kinda thing. By “get it”, I mean they actually get to benefit from that beauty or value. It is delivered.

Sometimes – a lot of times actually – they don’t actually consciously understand it. I love playing the subliminal stuff, when it’s appropriate or just downright fun, but only if they yet stand to gain something from it. Otherwise, no point really.

So yea, that’s what I’m in this for and this is why you should consider consulting with me for your project. If I’m not the right fit, believe me, I’ll tell you. I’m not in this business for quantity… I’m in it for true blue value, and because I was born to do this.


Ryan Lewis